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The Virtual Instagram Mascot for the Ikea of Brazil Has My Heart

Lu is much older and wiser than Lil Miquela.

Could In-Home 3D Body Scanners Change How We Shop for Clothes?

Naked Labs is betting on it.

This Menswear Startup Will Recommend Clothes Based on Your Spotify Data

caopron免费视频在线日韩Eison Triple Thread thinks men will be drawn to their favorite artists’ styles.

Segway’s New Electric Skates Are the Latest Volley in the Scooter Wars

The Drift W1s go 7.5 miles per hour and will cost $399.

TaskRabbit’s CEO Went Undercover to Clean an Apartment

caopron免费视频在线日韩The TaskRabbit executive said she "felt the pressure" of working as a tasker.

Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used to Combat Luxury Fakes

Entrupy and Goat are using AI to find counterfeit handbags and sneakers.

You Can Soon Buy Custom Fast Fashion from Japan’s Biggest E-Comm Company

Zozotown, started by a Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, is about to launch in the US.

The Supreme Court’s Online Sales Tax Decision Is Going to Cost You

In a decision for South Dakota v. Wayfair, SCOTUS has ruled that states can collect sales tax.

Amazon’s Latest Alexa Is Headed for Hotel Rooms

caopron免费视频在线日韩Alexa for Hospitality will start rolling out at hotels across the country this summer.

IRL Stores Are Doing It For the ’Gram

caopron免费视频在线日韩Everyone’s favorite social media platform might be the best argument for brick-and-mortar Urban Outfitters and American Eagle.

Google Is Actually Pretty Good at Identifying What People Are Wearing

caopron免费视频在线日韩We tested out Google Lens, which lets you shop via image recognition.

Amazon Might Ban You If You Return Too Much

caopron免费视频在线日韩The site uses an algorithm and staffers who look for accounts they deem suspicious.

Your Favorite Stores Could Be Tracking You With Facial Recognition

caopron免费视频在线日韩Stores are using technology that can match your face against a database of 25 million people in seconds.

Google Is the Latest Company to Help You Creep on Other People’s Clothes

caopron免费视频在线日韩Google’s Style Match feature applies image recognition to finding products.

The Shockingly Lucrative World of Facebook Buy-Sell-Trade Groups

Anthropologie and Lululemon have a second life in your newsfeed — just be careful of the rules.

Why Androids Like Sophia Dress Conservatively

Robots are often gendered as female, and face a lot of the same sartorial assumptions that human women do.

Would You Take Out a Loan for a Pair of Jeans?

caopron免费视频在线日韩A new kind of high-interest financial product aims to disrupt how you shop, and how you owe.

All the Women’s Shoe Emoji Are High Heels

caopron免费视频在线日韩But a ballet flat icon might be the newest addition to your texting vocabulary.

You Can Now Shop Online With Venmo

The app is about to be everywhere (even more than it already is).

Nobody Thinks About eBay

caopron免费视频在线日韩Even with 171 million users, the online shopping giant is grasping for relevancy.

Digital Closet Startups Want to Give You the Cher Horowitz Experience

As long as you're willing to manually list everything you own.

The New Apple Watch Isn't Codependent on the iPhone

The new generation of the watch can pick up calls, receive texts, and stream music on its own.

Apple Event Made Infinitely More Interesting by Lacy Pink Trench Coat

It costs precisely three new iPhones.

When Your Necklace Is Really a Nipple Vibrator

These sex toys double as stylish accessories.

Tech Tackles the Fitting Room

Smart dressing rooms and digital mirrors are coming to make trying stuff on less of a hassle.

Amazon Wants to Dress You

The e-commerce giant knows how to sell you underwear, but can it fill the rest of your closet?

This Is What a Drone Delivery Actually Looks Like

But will it fly us our clothes??

VR Headsets Are a Nightmare for the Makeup-Wearing Lady

How to get foundation off your Oculus or Vive

Apple Doesn't Own the 'iPhone' Trademark In China Anymore

caopron免费视频在线日韩A suit filed in 2012 has been settled, and not in Apple's favor.

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How Tech Played Out on the Met Gala Red Carpet

What is "tech white tie"?

Target Is Testing Out Using Robots to Help Stock Shelves

Godspeed, lil' Target robot.

Coachella Attendees Can Use Their Apple Watches to Pay for Beer and Snacks

caopron免费视频在线日韩Match made in heaven.

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