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Like the best pore strips or buttery moisturizers, Racked's beauty coverage goes deep. Find product recommendations, explainers and investigative reporting all right here.

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caopron免费视频在线日韩Brands pay influencers tens of thousands of dollars for posts, sometimes to bash competitors. But they don’t always disclose it.

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Beauty gurus turn authenticity into hugely lucrative businesses. That can backfire.

Why Gyms Should Be Worried

At-home fitness is coming for their clients, directly where they already live and for a lot cheaper.

Rihanna’s Newly Skinny Eyebrows Spark Mass Panic

She appears on the cover of Vogue UK sporting the inverse of a "boy brow."

Stormy Daniels’s Fragrance Just Launched

It’s called "Truth," and it smells good!

Rikers Island Inmates Can Learn Cosmetology Through This New Program

Fearless Beauty offers skills and confidence to women in one of the country’s most notorious jails.

Beautyblender’s New Foundation Is Facing Backlash

Critics say the 32-color range doesn’t have nearly enough dark shades.

Pollution Affects the Poor Most of All, but Anti-Pollution Skin Care Is Expensive

The newest trend in skin care promises to battle the damages of pollution — if you can afford it.

Here’s Why Dust Masks and Bra Cups Look So Much Alike

caopron免费视频在线日韩3M’s face masks may have originally been conceived as bra cups.

Jonathan Van Ness Does Not Agree That Round-brushing Is High Maintenance, Henny

The Queer Eye groomer also has thoughts on Trump’s misogyny and Tan France’s hair.

Another Brand Just Cut Ties With a White Lady Doing Racist Stuff on Camera

Beauty MLM Rodan + Fields has distanced itself from #PoolPatrolPaula, who was an independent contractor for the brand.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Red Lipstick Is a Symbol of Change

caopron免费视频在线日韩She defeated incumbent Joseph Crowley without obeying the party line — or expectations about what a candidate should look like.

Anthropologie Rolls Out a Luxury Wellness Section

The store now sells aromatherapy necklaces and "detox" teas.

Probably Don’t Eat a Pill Instead of Wearing Sunscreen

The FDA and retailers are starting to question the wisdom of suncare supplements.

What FDA Approval of CBD Could Mean for the Beauty Industry

caopron免费视频在线日韩The FDA just approved this cannabis byproduct as a drug, but lots of beauty and wellness products — from mascara to bath bombs — already claim to use it.

It’s So Stupid That We Don’t See Female Body Hair in Shaving Ads

caopron免费视频在线日韩Women’s razor startup company Billie is showing close-ups of armpit hair, belly hair, and toe fuzz.

Is “New” Mascara All About the Marketing?

It’s mostly made of tar, so the name and packaging go a long way.

Hair Dye Has Always Been a Little Dangerous

‘History Of’ explores the long, steady rise of hair coloring.

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